Reviewing 2018

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2018

So  how's your reviewing been going this last week?

 It's often said that hindsight the best vision we have and this has a lot of truth to it so we can use this to get better results in the future.

So how does this reviewing connect to the 7 mountains.   The 7 Mountains is a strategy for influencing all aspects of society and YOU are the influencer. So managing yourself that is being the best version of you  is vital to society.

 The reviewing process enables us to see things from a helicopter view, It gives you the opportunity you see a much bigger picture then when you were actively involved in situation the circumstance the daily or weekly or monthly. Most of our decision are emotionally based mainly  unconsciously, in review  you are no longer in the emotion of the moment, which allows you to look back and see what or how you could  have acted differently.


Reviewing is not just thinking about the past day, week, month, quarter...

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How Did You Make a Difference this Year?

Hi Friends,

 Did you as a Christian make a difference this year at work, at play, at home?

The end of the year is fast approaching, which for most people it becomes busier.

Often we are busier because we wanted to catch up with some of the things we haven't yet done and we are  trying to fit in before the year ends. The year's end is seen as a deadline. E.g. coffee with a friend.

It's also the time when people celebrate as an example schools run the have the end of year assembly they have a concert the children are celebrating finishing of say 4th class in readiness for 5th class.

In the workplace there is celebrating the year of what has happened,  with your having got to the end, the achievements along the way.

 Often it is at work, where the organisation, the boss and yourself, just wants to get this finished before Christmas…..

 However, in all this busyness it is the time to look back before we hit the 31st of December, start reflection of what...

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God arranged for Dr C Peter Wagner to endorse my book.

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2017

Dr C Peter Wagner

 I never personally met Dr Peter Wagner, yet he endorsed my book.  How this happened is a God story worth telling.

In September 2007 a God in the Workplace conference was held in Australia at the Gold Coast.  The speakers were Os Hillman, Che Ang, Peter Wagner and others.

My husband, myself and our youngest son attended this conference. Our eldest son who lived and worked at the Gold Coast attended the sessions after work.   It was at one of these sessions that Peter was speaking and he mentioned that his daughter Ruth was trading the stock market and if anyone was interested in this field, Peter would provide them with Ruth’s contact information.  Our son was in the stock and currency field for work, so he obtained Ruth’s details and made contact with her.


It was over 18 months later that our son felt that God had sent him to the USA to Utah for a season.  He knew no-one and had no idea why he was going or what...

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