How Did You Make a Difference this Year?

Hi Friends,

 Did you as a Christian make a difference this year at work, at play, at home?

The end of the year is fast approaching, which for most people it becomes busier.

Often we are busier because we wanted to catch up with some of the things we haven't yet done and we are  trying to fit in before the year ends. The year's end is seen as a deadline. E.g. coffee with a friend.

It's also the time when people celebrate as an example schools run the have the end of year assembly they have a concert the children are celebrating finishing of say 4th class in readiness for 5th class.

In the workplace there is celebrating the year of what has happened,  with your having got to the end, the achievements along the way.

 Often it is at work, where the organisation, the boss and yourself, just wants to get this finished before Christmas…..

 However, in all this busyness it is the time to look back before we hit the 31st of December, start reflection of what were the things this year you wanted to achieve but more importantly what were the things that God put on your heart.

 If you wrote your dreams and  goals at the beginning of the year or throughout the year, or if you have a journal, anywhere you have noted down your thoughts or what was/is on your heart, go back and read these and in this next week, go and look,  just go back through those notes and read them and then spend the next couple of weeks meditating on this before we get to the 'silly' season as the world calls it. Before we celebrate the  time of  the birth of our Lord and saviour Jesus. 

We have a week between our Christmas celebration and the New Year, this is when we get to review this year which is one of the most important things that we can do. Reviewing is one of the most beneficial activities we can undertake.  It is the place of that provides a great opportunity for hearing God's perspective on a matter, for self-awareness and thus growth.

 The year review is most beneficial, God's word says to 'bring to remembrance'. This remembering can become the platform from which you move forward, so take some time now to review. Put in time as part of your preparation for the new year. Just as you have probably started preparing for Christmas, by buying presents, organising Christmas day dinner, start today preparing for the New Year.

 The New Year is simply a chronological event for us to reflect and project. So go about this week with a reflective mindset and make note of the things that come to mind.  As you are meditating ask the Holy Spirit to show you where Papa God has been looking after you.

I will post up some of the great testimonies I have of the things that God is brought into our lives, answered questions and provision and as I reflect more, the Holy Spirit shows me more.

 Make sure that you write down these reflections, your will need this information for the new year projection.

I will be adding a few points in the next couple of weeks just on this end of year review and the new year coming.

Chat again soon

 Mountains of Blessings


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