Spiritual Cleansing of Land


 God expects us to be good stewards with the earth he left in our care. He says in Luke 12:43 that the servant will be blessed if his master finds him doing his assigned task when he returns.

God's expectation is that we will occupy the territory until Jesus returns. We are to establish His reign and His kingdom on the earth. Not doing our job disappoints God, and leaves the earth defiled and all creation groaning.

The land becomes defiled by people (both living today and previous generations) disobeying the laws of God, mostly manifested by how they interact with each other.

 Isaiah 24:5-6 (CEV)

  1. The earth is polluted because its people disobeyed the laws of God, breaking their agreement that was to last forever.
  2. The earth is under a curse; its people are dying out because of their sins.

 The physical land and the structures thereon contain the product of blessings and curses from previous years and generations.

I ask you this question. Have you ever been into a house, or a building, even driven into a town and you just get a feeling about the place, often unpleasant? This feeling has no logical reason, but it is very real. This simple barometer test tells you that you are feeling the spiritual atmosphere of that location. Where there has been disharmony between people a residue remains in the land and it can be sensed. 

This residue can exert an influence over whatever takes place on this property thereafter and this often causes a multitude of problems for the current occupants.

For example, a house was being sold as part of the settlement of a very bitter divorce. A happily married couple bought the house and now 10 years later they are going through a very bitter divorce. A close friend said to me, recently, it just does not make sense....

 The residue of defilement on the land is like a spiritual toxic chemical dump that is constantly releasing poisonous spiritual fumes and the occupants are not aware that this is happening.

We have been assigned "Operation Cleanup"

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