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This website is owned by Bronwyn O'Brien who is a business woman and author.

Her book The 7 Mountains of Influence section 'About the Author" is a good introduction to her. 

Bronwyn O’Brien lives her dreams and with this book she encourages each of us to learn, work and live to our full potential. Her strong faith, challenging ideas and life experiences have bought her to a place where she is fulfilling a task given to her by God, the task of writing this book and sharing her experiences and lessons.

Bronwyn made her journey into Christianity through her husband in her early thirties. Initially, it was a sluggish journey with “empty” church experiences. It was not until she met one of the most influential people in her life, Pastor Doug Stanton and witnessed his inspired preaching and manifestation of the Spirit did she truly witness and experience the power of God. She is a woman who enjoyed her early childhood with few physical boundaries living and playing on the vast sandstone escarpments of the Hawkesbury River where her parents operated a cruiser hire business. She has always been inquisitive with a thirst for knowledge and began her schooling at the age of four at Berowra and then later finished her high school education at NSW Southern Highlands SCEGGS.

At age seven Bronwyn had an adverse reaction to the polio vaccine and contracted a rare form of polio – polyneuritis.

She was completely paralysed from the neck down and admitted to hospital for 12 months where she laboriously learnt to move her muscles and walk again. When she returned home she wore a full length calliper (from ankle to hip) and a ½ length calliper from ankle to knee. As a physically handicapped person in a ‘normal’ school, she was often taunted, teased, and ostracised and through it learnt it was” okay to be different”. Bronwyn is a patient and thoughtful person with a confidence borne from a loving and supportive family. She credits her mother with great wisdom and never having treated her as handicapped but always as a capable, responsible adult in the making.

Her father, she says imparted the love of learning. He was a natural teacher, who patiently showed, explained, and encouraged her to go for herself which she did successfully establishing a career in real estate – one of her family’s long time interests. Her faith with its natural curiosity to live and learn drew her to read, research and seek God within the broad area of ‘ministry in the marketplace’.

The revelations and understanding drawn from that research gave shape to this book which was written from her home on the NSW mid north coast where she and her husband live on acreage close to two of their three adult sons and grandchildren. One of her most outstanding revelations was that in the area of God at work, most Christians had little connection between their work life and their ‘spiritual’ life. Many were “unfulfilled” because while trying to serve God their own dreams and gifts were pushed aside. Through this book she wants Christians to understand that their work is vital to bringing the kingdom of God to earth. That their dreams are from God and fulfilling their dreams, is God’s purpose for their life.

She wants to encourage each person to be inspired and live a bigger life knowing their life is making a difference. And in their God given task to live a life full of vitality, vision and vigour operating in the power of their birthright and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Bronwyn’s key interests are her family and the family of God. She loves to travel, meet and learn from spiritual leaders and her mission is to share her God given lessons with individuals, networks and communities through effective, contemporary communication tools that can carry a message with the speed of light. The journey continues……….