Reviewing 2018

So  how's your reviewing been going this last week?

 It's often said that hindsight the best vision we have and this has a lot of truth to it so we can use this to get better results in the future.

So how does this reviewing connect to the 7 mountains.   The 7 Mountains is a strategy for influencing all aspects of society and YOU are the influencer. So managing yourself that is being the best version of you  is vital to society.

 The reviewing process enables us to see things from a helicopter view, It gives you the opportunity you see a much bigger picture then when you were actively involved in situation the circumstance the daily or weekly or monthly. Most of our decision are emotionally based mainly  unconsciously, in review  you are no longer in the emotion of the moment, which allows you to look back and see what or how you could  have acted differently.


Reviewing is not just thinking about the past day, week, month, quarter or year, but asking questions of yourself to gain a clearer picture, questions are like the focus on a camera, better questions enable you to obtain better focus.

 God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, please show me where I made a difference at work, at play, at home?

 I ask God to please show me where He was in this situation or activity or day, to  show me how I could have responded differently, to revealed to me aspects of my character, my emotions, show me the better way.

I have found that reviewing on a regular basis gives me  more stable and effective foundation platform for moving forward. It has greatly helped me to hear the Holy spirit throughout my day, because in review I am spending time with Holy Spirit listening to his wisdom.

 Part of my daily review is expressing gratitude for all the events of the day, thanking God for his great love, provision. 

1Th 5:16-18   Be joyful always, pray at all times, be thankful in all circumstances. This is what God wants from you in your life in union with Christ Jesus. 


 A simple  review question, (according to the above scripture), is to ask "today have I been joyful have I been prayerful, have I been thankful?"

  In doing a review you will see with a different set of eyes it's a powerful way to grow as a person, to grow in your relationship with God, to grow in your relationships with others, and  to see from a better perspective.

Next chat I will provide some review questions.

 Mountains of Blessings



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