What a QWERTY keyboard is teaching me about hearing from God.

Welcome to a  new year, a new decade. 

 Each year I spend time in reflection and then in looking forward with vision and planning.  However, this year I have approached the new year from the perspectives of positioning and intention. 

  Insight into Positioning. (The italics is what I felt that God said to me).

 I recently changed from handwriting my daily journal (Chat with God)  to typewriting. I used to touch type, however, over the years I've become lazy and lost some of my skill. When I am journaling and typing I tend to just want to close my eyes and let my fingers move over the keys as the thoughts tumble to the keyboard. Doing this meant I needed to find the positioning keys for typing. Below the letters  'f' and 'j' there's a little bump. These bumps are for positioning your index  fingers, then you can find all the keys easily .

So when I first changed to touch typing journaling , my typing was messy as I couldn't always find the positioning keys and by fingers were out of alignment; over time I have been looking at the keyboard, and thus losing much of my touch typing skills..

As I was typing into my journal about some of my frustration at finding the positioning keys, I felt God say "where/what  are your positioning keys for connecting with me? .

 Just as your fingers feel the little bumps on the keyboard to re-position yourself. Find those little bumps in your day to re-position yourself with me. Each time you eat or prepare food, let these be our bumps for re-positioning  with me.  Just as with the keyboard your typing is more accurate, and the results are better, as you find the bumps to re-positions with me your days will be more fruitful, satisfying, rewarding.

 What 'bumps' are the positioning for your spirit, your soul, your mind, look for the 'bumps'  to stay focused and correctly positioned.   From the correct starting positions our results will be correct. It is important that you are correctly positioned in all you do

Do not hurry, stay correctly positioned and let it flow from there,  be still be at peace. I have time, I use my time wisely.

 This is such a great for learning so many aspects of life. My correct positioning will be become automatic, with practice and time.

 When I learnt touch typing, the instructor placed a box over the keyboard, so that I could not see it nor my fingers. This made me find the positioning keys, by touch only. So, what is the "hack" for this in positioning with you?  What is the tool  for finding the positioning keys?  What could I learn from this?

 I have been learning and practising to position.  What is working for me is to STOP and LISTEN with my spirit.  (I have an alarm set for 10 & 11 am and 2,3 &4 pm daily. When the alarm sounds, depending on what I am doing I can either STOP immediately and listen or I can snooze for 5 minutes so that I can stop at a better place in my activity. Sometimes I have needed to tap snooze a couple of times, to finish a phone call or email etc. I stand up and take a couple of deep breaths and then listen.  

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