Which is My Mountain?

Identifying Your Mountain Of Influence

Your mountain of your influence is where you are already, and/or where your passion is.                                                                                
Within these 7 pillars of society, there are many sub groupings, which brings clarity to understanding the main groups. Additionally there are overlaps in some fields and this needs clarifying.  We need to be clear about the identity of a mountain group because each sphere has its own ruling spirits and it is wise to understand the enemy that opposes you in your territory.

To find your mountain, look at your passions, motivations and influences.

For example: Is Rupert Murdoch in the mountain of media or economy? His motivation is profit - he is an entrepreneur and a businessman, whose business is media. However, a journalist is in the media mountain, as it is his occupation and not his business.

A sports professional, such as the ‘tennis great’ Roger Federer, has a passion for sport, which is part of the celebration mountain.

To help see in which mountain a person fits best, the questions needs to be asked: “What is the individual’s major focus?” For example, a medical doctor operates both a business and a medical practice. If his main focus is that of practitioner, he would be in the family mountain under health; however, if he operates several clinics and employs other doctors, his main focus is probably business. And the business happens to be health; therefore he belongs in the mountain of economy. 

For most mountains there is a business aspect, as with the Rupert Murdoch example. Business people own pre-schools, as they can be very good income earners, however they may not be interested in the education of the children.

My friend Rob is a very astute businessman and he owns several pre-schools, however, he is vitally interested in education and has Christian based teaching within his schools. His focus is on the minds of the children first and the profitability second.  He is in two mountains, economy and education and thus has the opportunity to influence business associates and educators.

As individuals we operate in several mountains, however, our passion or dream determines the mountain where we have the most influence.

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