About Me

Hello, I am Bronwyn O’Brien.

My husband Robert and I live on a few hectares on the edge of Wauchope a small country town, which is near the larger coastal holiday town of Port Macquarie, in New South Wales, Australia. (Google Earth   31 29 14.38S  152 44 54.72E )

Our 3 sons are in their twenties and have sort of left home.!!!!! (They come and go).

About 21 years ago I was introduced to Jesus in the church where I still attend.

From the very beginning of my Christian walk I served in the church. I have been involved in all areas (except music), building, cleaning, administration, children’s church, management committee, women’s committees, family camps, and more.

Like many Christians have looked at my serving God within the church structure, none have really fitted. Unknowing I was searching for my assignment from God, the purpose for which I was designed.

I am a business woman and was drawn to books and teachings about Christians in business.  One of the earliest books I read was Business by the Book – Larry Burkett.  My library has continuously grown.  Another of my earliest readings was ‘Your Work Matters To God’ – Doug Sherman & William Hendricks.  This resonated with me.  God has been leading me into understanding  work as His call, as His strategy for transforming towns, cities, nations.

For over 15 years I have been reading, listening, seeking, attending conferences associated with God @ Work. Initially there was little information available, but as this revelation has gained recognition, and  has gained momentum, books now available are plentiful.

In 2002 I attended a Conference the speakers were, Cindy and Michael Jacobs and James Thwaites . The focus of this conference was the church in the workplace. 2003 I started receiving TGIF (Today God Is First) emails from Os Hillman of Marketplace Leaders.

In September 2007 I attended  God’s Plans @ Work conference. The main speakers were Os Hillman, Dr Peter Wagner, Pastor Che Ang and businessman John Gagliardi.  As I listened and spoke with other attendees, I felt like I had come home.  This is where I fit.

My passion is to see Christians fulfilled in their vocations as ministers of the Kingdom of God.

Work satisfaction = kingdom occupation.

My mission is to change the mindset about ministry and work. To see Christians validated and empowered through encouragement to be the ministers that they have been called then to be.      Mountain dwellers.


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