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What are the 7 Mountains?

This video explains: What are the 7 Mountains? Why they are important? How they influence society?

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Journeying with God

Hello ………, I wish I could say hello to each to you individually, so where I have the dots please insert your name. It is an exciting journey travelling with God, He organises events and sets up surprises. In the … Continue reading

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Destiny Assignment

From MY Book: Your destiny and potential is a lifetime assignment and fulfililng it leaves a legacy. Short term thinking steals your destiny.

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Kingdom of God

From my book: If the Kingdom of God does not work in you, it will not work through you to affect your environment. How does that look? It looks like spending time in God’s presence and listening, talking, getting understanding, … Continue reading

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Cities, cultures, and nations

From My Book: Jesus Redeemed Everything and it cost him his life to do so. He regained the authority to establish the rule of God within the cultures, the cities, the nations. This means that the very mountains [spheres] that … Continue reading

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Mountain Assignment

From my book. God moves you to a position for you to obtain skills, character and growth. Often this can seem like a wilderness time, but it is an essential part of the process to bring you to your fullness. … Continue reading

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Taking Territory – Occupying the Seven Mountains

There is no such thing as a part-time Christian, we are all in full-time ministry, or to say it another way, we all have an assignment or project to administer.  We each have a vocation [a calling] which God wants … Continue reading

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October 2009 Newsletter

It has been a very full time since August. From 3-5th September, I attended the Australia Marketplace Leaders Retreat with up to other 30 people. The attendees came from across Australia and New Zealand.  Their individual ministries/projects/visions cover many aspects … Continue reading

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Marketplace Connections

Australian Marketplace Connections. AMC’s mission is to help to take the Kingdom of God into the Marketplace.  This is a comprehensive site. It contains practical proven information. A great resource for Australia. This has been added to Marketplace websites, … Continue reading

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Connect09 : Marketplace Leaders Consultation

Connect09 : Marketplace Leaders Consultation   – March 12th 2009 This is an annual opportunity for leaders who share a common calling to impact the marketplace for Christ to meet together to make and refresh relationships and learn from each others … Continue reading

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