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What are the 7 Mountains?

This video explains: What are the 7 Mountains? Why they are important? How they influence society?

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Newsletter August 2012

Have you ever achieved something and just want to celebrate and share with others? You have heard very little from me as I have been writing my book, and getting it published. So now that my book ‘ THE 7 … Continue reading

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Finishing the Year Strong

Finish the Year from a Place of Strength It is that time of the year when many people start thinking about ‘New Year Goals’, however our lives are not compartmentalised into given chronological periods, we are one continuous flow. A … Continue reading

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Journeying with God

Hello ………, I wish I could say hello to each to you individually, so where I have the dots please insert your name. It is an exciting journey travelling with God, He organises events and sets up surprises. In the … Continue reading

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October 2011 Newsletter

October 2011 As promised in my last newsletter, you get to see the front cover of my book before it is released. The six buildings each represent a mountain and a continent. The family represents the mountain of the Family. … Continue reading

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Society Transformation is Needed

From My Book: ‘The 7 Mountains of Influence’ When we look at society today we can all see a real need for there to be a change. We as Christians say we have the answers, yet there is no visible … Continue reading

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Destiny Assignment

From MY Book: Your destiny and potential is a lifetime assignment and fulfililng it leaves a legacy. Short term thinking steals your destiny.

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Take Territory – assigned to lead and influence

From My Book: ‘The 7 Mounains of Influence’ In every arena where God’s people are reluctant, embarrassed or confused about their assignment and the call to lead, to influence, to take territory, we create vacuums that are filled by other … Continue reading

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Book – Strengthen Yourself In The Lord – Bill Johnson

It’s time to be strong and of good courage. Today’s believer is faced with situations unknown fifty, thirty, even twenty years ago. To stand in victory and enter our hour of promotion is to learn to Strengthen Yourself in the … Continue reading

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Kingdom of God

From my book: If the Kingdom of God does not work in you, it will not work through you to affect your environment. How does that look? It looks like spending time in God’s presence and listening, talking, getting understanding, … Continue reading

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