What are the 7 Mountains?

This video explains:

  • What are the 7 Mountains?
  • Why they are important?
  • How they influence society?

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Newsletter August 2012

Have you ever achieved something and just want to celebrate and share with others?

You have heard very little from me as I have been writing my book, and getting it published. So now that my book ‘ THE 7 MOUNTAINS OF INFLUENCE ’ is complete, published and available, I want to celebrate, but it is more fun celebrating with others.

So how can I create a party atmosphere here???

Share photos, decorate the page and give you a gift.

I’ve had a few friends come to my home to celebrate ‘launching’ of the book, and of course we took photos to share with you.


I love coffee with friends, however, so often I am hearing Christians saying things like, ‘I do not know what I am here for, I really would like my life to count or I know I am not living to my full potential. I’m not really doing anything; I do not know what I should be doing.  I am actually afraid that I have missed the purpose God had for my life.’

Maybe you can answer these questions, but most likely you have friends both Christian and non-Christian who silently are feeling hopeless …….

As I pondered these frustrations expressed by my fellow Christians, I asked God “What is going on…?”  This was the beginning of the journey that has resulted in my writing the book ‘The 7 Mountains of Influence’ – A practical Guide for Understanding God’s Purpose For Your Life.


What others are saying about this book.

“The Bible says that we need to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.  Bronwyn O’Brien is blessed to have keen spiritual ears.  She has written an extremely important book which should convince you that the church is in an exciting new season.  The Gospel of the Kingdom goes beyond saving souls to reforming society.  I have been wonderfully enlightened and challenged by The 7 Mountains of Influence, and I know that you will be as well.

C. Peter Wagner, Apostolic Ambassador [USA]

“If you dream for a better society, and have asked God how to impact on it, The 7 Mountains of Influence provides answers. Making a change in society is much more than businesses. Reading this book is more than just reading, it is equipping you to be effective.

Korab Zhuja – CEO of Zhuja Ministry – [Kosovo]

““You have a God given assignment! And your life experiences are aligned to that purpose. It is time to take the narrow path and lead an extraordinary purpose filled life. Bronwyn O’Brien is a true witness to everyone she encounters. Her research and insights revealed within “The 7 Mountains of Influence” book will have a profound impact on your life“We are called and this book will assist you in answering your unique calling!”

Rachel Quilty – CEO & Founder of Jump the Q. [Personal Branding]
Author of ‘Brand Yourself’ and ‘Brand Yourself a Christian’. [Australia]

In my book you will learn

  • That God has a personal plan for you and how to find that plan
  • Why your dreams are important
  • Why understanding the 7 spheres or mountains are important for you becoming more effective in your purpose.
  • How you can have greater peace at home and work.

Buy It Now – Buy Direct   Use the Paypal link below.

Readers’ Comments

Bronwyn O’Brien’s book, “The 7 Mountains of Influence, A Practical Guide For Understanding God’s Purpose For Your Life” is no ordinary book that you read and then place on the shelf, this is one of those outstanding books that will assist all Christians discover the purpose, plan and dream that God has placed within their inner being. This is a must read self-discovery manual for any Christian serious about finding there life purpose and the action steps that need to be taken to fulfil their destiny.

Carl John Fechner, Bible life coach, author and co-founder of the Growing Deep and Strong series.

“It is fantastic to have the seven mountains explained within one’s purpose from an Australian Author who understands our culture.”

Dave Collett – Destiny 4 Life International Ministries

Please select from the drop down menu your country. The price includes subsided postage to your location. Then press the Buy Now button.


It’s a celebration party, so here is your ‘take home’ gift, available to my newsletter readers only.

“Be Still …..” Meditation CD Valued at $27.00 is yours FREE with every purchase of my book from the website for the next 10 days only.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

The team at The 7 Mountains we are working on some exciting new projects and you will be receiving more updates very soon…

Praying you live in God’s Fullness

Mountains of Blessings

P.S. To purchase as an eBook go to www.ichristiandigital.com   [This site is owned and operated by some good friends of mine and I would love you to support them]

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Finishing the Year Strong

Finish the Year from a Place of Strength

It is that time of the year when many people start thinking about ‘New Year Goals’, however our lives are not compartmentalised into given chronological periods, we are one continuous flow.

A new year is simply a review time, a convenient time to reflect, review and adjust. We do not have ‘new’ resolutions; we have life purposes, which need to be reviewed.

As we end this year, it is all too easy to push it behind and not spend the time to reflect. Without a planned reflection we often only remember the things that we did not achieve or the problems, or the hard times. Yes it is important to notice the areas where we have fallen short [or are still in process], to acknowledge them and see the opportunities for change and growth. We need to also see our progress and successes.

Taking time to seek God and hear his voice, enables us to review our life with His perspective. This reflection enables us to see more clearly God’s process for our development, His training for our assignment – for our mountain. This increased awareness, grows our faith, expands our creativity andbuilds our confidence which usually increases our energy. What a great foundation, a place of strength for launching into the New Year.

Set aside time to reflect on 2011 – Firstly gather the information, look at diary, look at photos. Review prayer journal.

Create a summary- a record of all events, the good the bad, the ugly and the glorious.

Writing down my answers gives me a record, brings a perspective to the year, provides the information for the new year planning and reveals my reasons for celebrating my progress and wins!  Yay

Here are some questions and exercises that I apply to my end of year reflection/assessment.

Did I meet someone new who opened my eyes to new ideas or opportunities?  What did I learn?

What books did I read, or teaching listened to?  What did I learn and apply?

Did I step outside my comfort zone? What did I learn from that? What is the impact of that learning? And how has that changed me?

What things did I do for the first time this year?  What do I now do, or know, that was once outside of my reach?

Did I set a goal that scared me because it was ‘bigger than ever’? How did I go? Whether I reached it yet or not, what did I learn? What do I now have, or what do I know as a result of      tackling this goal?

How did I handle the challenges that came up this year?  (Did I handle things better than a previously)  What were they?  What did I do? What did I learn? Why were they a challenge?
What is God saying to me about these challenges? [Sometimes the most painful experiences can be the most powerful.]

How have I grown and changed this year?

Where did I sense God’s favour?

What revelations did I receive this year?

What are the 3 matters from this year for which I am are most grateful?

Well done – a year well lived. It is time to have a real celebration.

Now at the end of this year, you can see your progress and wins that are worth celebrating.
What will you do to celebrate your accomplishments?
Who will I celebrate with?
[New Years Eve can be a great time to get with close friends to share and celebrate this year’s victories…]

Finishing the year strong propels you with purpose and energy for the New Year.   What a way to start!

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Journeying with God

Hello ………,

I wish I could say hello to each to you individually, so where I have the dots please insert your name.

It is an exciting journey travelling with God, He organises events and sets up surprises.

In the last newsletter I mention a request to interview me. The interview was one of those surprises and you can see it at http://eightm.com/understanding-gods-purpose-for-your-life-bronwyn-obrien-interview/


Another surprise.

About 3 years ago I heard Lance Wallnau talking about how the 7 mountain strategy was revealed to Senator Michael Crotts, so I included this story in Chapter 3 my book ‘The 7 Mountains of Influence’. Last week I was searching on the net for more information about Senator Crotts and I found this. http://fathersheartministry.net/senator-mike-crotts-interview-raised-from-the-dead/


I was so surprised to read the Seven Mountains of Influence…… My book title!!!

Yet another surprise.

Have you ever misplaced an important handwritten note?

There is more coming after the book is released, and I have been seeking God for greater clarity and confirmation on the ideas and thoughts I have been getting.

So back to the search for the elusive piece of paper, in frustration I was looking in the most unlikely locations, like on my extensive bookshelves!!! I randomly pulled a plain spine thick folder off the shelf. WOW the front cover reveals it is a complete course for the exact topic to which God has been drawing my attention…… This comprehensive course is owned by my son, and it is on MY bookcase. (I’ll give you more details about this topic a little later).


Me thinks God hid my piece of paper; I found the note, …a few minutes later,… in my 7 mountains folder,… on my desk!!! God Jehovah, God Jirah, God Sneaky.


As more of this journey unfolds, I will share it with you.


Until then

Mountains of Blessings



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October 2011 Newsletter

October 2011

As promised in my last newsletter, you get to see the front cover of my book before it is released.

The six buildings each represent a mountain and a continent. The family represents the mountain of the Family.

Eiffel Tower = Mountain of Media – continent of Europe
Witwatersrand University = Mountain of Education – continent of Africa
Maringa Cathedral = Mountain of Spirituality – continent South America
Sydney Opera House = Mountain of Celebration – continent Australia
The White House = Mountains of Government – continent North America
Petronas Towers = Mountain of Economy – continent Asia
The book is with the publisher and should be available in January.
Recently Dr Lance Wallnau visited Australia where he spoke at many meetings.  His fresh approach using humour and drawings impacted the people.  It was so interesting to be in the meetings and see the responses.  Some people had never heard of the 7 mountains or the kingdom perspective, and others were obviously Lance fans.  So there was a mixture of fans with an emphatic YES and the newcomers with a slightly confused WHAT?…..
As a Lance fan I have listened to many hours of his teaching and I have heard him personally before, however, this was with a much larger group and the atmosphere was exciting.
I have heard that Lance ‘loved’ Australia, despite all our dangerous wildlife and he is planning to return soon.  When I know more I will post the details to www.The7Mountains.com  and https://www.facebook.com/the7mountains
3 days ago I was in Sydney attending the 2011 Marketplace Leaders Consultation.  This is where men and women God has called into strategic leadership in marketplace ministry in Australia come together to develop relationships and share insights and resources related to what God is doing in the marketplace…  Over half of the attending fly in from other States
I always feel so deeply honoured and humbled to be invited to be a part of this gathering. It was an outstanding day, with a very strong presence of God. There is a growing move of Christians becoming aware of the need for the Kingdom of God to be evidenced in the marketplace.  I value these friendships and their support.


Last night I was interviewed by a businessman in the Netherlands.  He heard about my book from my previous newsletter and tracked me down so that he could interview me and post it on the internet. I will give you more details about the interview in the next newsletter.
I look forward to sharing with you more in the next letter.
Mountains of Blessings
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Society Transformation is Needed

From My Book: ‘The 7 Mountains of Influence’ When we look at society today we can all see a real need for there to be a change. We as Christians say we have the answers, yet there is no visible evidence of this statement. It is obvious that if we continue doing the same thing we are going to get the same results. Something has to change. What and how? …

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Destiny Assignment

From MY Book: Your destiny and potential is a lifetime assignment and fulfililng it leaves a legacy. Short term thinking steals your destiny.

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Take Territory – assigned to lead and influence

From My Book: ‘The 7 Mounains of Influence’ In every arena where God’s people are reluctant, embarrassed or confused about their assignment and the call to lead, to influence, to take territory, we create vacuums that are filled by other people who do not have God’s agenda.

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Book – Strengthen Yourself In The Lord – Bill Johnson

It’s time to be strong and of good courage. Today’s believer is faced with situations unknown fifty, thirty, even twenty years ago. To stand in victory and enter our hour of promotion is to learn to Strengthen Yourself in the Lord. You will learn how to: Encourage yourself. Overcome seriously bad days. Stay connected to your destiny. Access Heaven’s open door. Disarm hell with thanksgiving. How can you “count it all joy” when facing turmoil at home, work, or within your family? Author Bill Johnson tells you how through Scripture and personal experience. You can be strong when you know the keys to encouraging yourself – looking past failure and into a successful future.