What are the 7 Mountains?

This video explains:

  • What are the 7 Mountains?
  • Why they are important?
  • How they influence society?

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  1. Tim McCormick

    Pastor Johnny:

    I hope you remember me from Loganville Ministerial group 🙂

    God moved me “back home” to Springfield, Il and He connected me with a Kingdom minded church – Kingdom Authority Ministries International.
    I want to welcome you and Elizabeth to join us if ever in central Illinois.
    Got your 7 Mountains Propehcy book – wow! Right on target. We as a church are battling to help the Kingdom citizens to take back these mountains also
    God bless you brother and am hopeful our paths cross again soon!

    Pastor Tim McCormick, Gal 6:9-10

  2. yinka ayodeji

    Hello,i have heard about 7 mountain prophecy and search for it in my country(Nigeria)but no where to be found.pls how can I have a copy of it and 7 mountain of influnce?

    • admin

      This email was not forwarded to my main inbox, so it was lost.
      You can purchase an eBook of my book the 7 mountains of influence at http://www.the7mountainsofinfluence.com/ebook/ If you have any problems please email me at bronwyn@the7mountains.com
      I am doing a teleseminar later this month if you would like to attend this I need you permission to add your name to the email list. So either send me an email or on the front page of this website join the newsletter.

      With Mountains of Blessings
      Bronwyn O’Brien

  3. Dennis Gbofor

    sir I have had enough about ur testimony,but sir what is your great secret in ur business life

    • admin

      HI Dennis,

      Thank-you for being in contact with me.

      My great secret in my business life is ‘being still’ being still in mind, 30 minutes a day.


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