Finishing the Year Strong

Finish the Year from a Place of Strength

It is that time of the year when many people start thinking about ‘New Year Goals’, however our lives are not compartmentalised into given chronological periods, we are one continuous flow.

A new year is simply a review time, a convenient time to reflect, review and adjust. We do not have ‘new’ resolutions; we have life purposes, which need to be reviewed.

As we end this year, it is all too easy to push it behind and not spend the time to reflect. Without a planned reflection we often only remember the things that we did not achieve or the problems, or the hard times. Yes it is important to notice the areas where we have fallen short [or are still in process], to acknowledge them and see the opportunities for change and growth. We need to also see our progress and successes.

Taking time to seek God and hear his voice, enables us to review our life with His perspective. This reflection enables us to see more clearly God’s process for our development, His training for our assignment – for our mountain. This increased awareness, grows our faith, expands our creativity andbuilds our confidence which usually increases our energy. What a great foundation, a place of strength for launching into the New Year.

Set aside time to reflect on 2011 – Firstly gather the information, look at diary, look at photos. Review prayer journal.

Create a summary- a record of all events, the good the bad, the ugly and the glorious.

Writing down my answers gives me a record, brings a perspective to the year, provides the information for the new year planning and reveals my reasons for celebrating my progress and wins!  Yay

Here are some questions and exercises that I apply to my end of year reflection/assessment.

Did I meet someone new who opened my eyes to new ideas or opportunities?  What did I learn?

What books did I read, or teaching listened to?  What did I learn and apply?

Did I step outside my comfort zone? What did I learn from that? What is the impact of that learning? And how has that changed me?

What things did I do for the first time this year?  What do I now do, or know, that was once outside of my reach?

Did I set a goal that scared me because it was ‘bigger than ever’? How did I go? Whether I reached it yet or not, what did I learn? What do I now have, or what do I know as a result of      tackling this goal?

How did I handle the challenges that came up this year?  (Did I handle things better than a previously)  What were they?  What did I do? What did I learn? Why were they a challenge?
What is God saying to me about these challenges? [Sometimes the most painful experiences can be the most powerful.]

How have I grown and changed this year?

Where did I sense God’s favour?

What revelations did I receive this year?

What are the 3 matters from this year for which I am are most grateful?

Well done – a year well lived. It is time to have a real celebration.

Now at the end of this year, you can see your progress and wins that are worth celebrating.
What will you do to celebrate your accomplishments?
Who will I celebrate with?
[New Years Eve can be a great time to get with close friends to share and celebrate this year’s victories…]

Finishing the year strong propels you with purpose and energy for the New Year.   What a way to start!

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