Journeying with God

Hello ………,

I wish I could say hello to each to you individually, so where I have the dots please insert your name.

It is an exciting journey travelling with God, He organises events and sets up surprises.

In the last newsletter I mention a request to interview me. The interview was one of those surprises and you can see it at


Another surprise.

About 3 years ago I heard Lance Wallnau talking about how the 7 mountain strategy was revealed to Senator Michael Crotts, so I included this story in Chapter 3 my book ‘The 7 Mountains of Influence’. Last week I was searching on the net for more information about Senator Crotts and I found this.


I was so surprised to read the Seven Mountains of Influence…… My book title!!!

Yet another surprise.

Have you ever misplaced an important handwritten note?

There is more coming after the book is released, and I have been seeking God for greater clarity and confirmation on the ideas and thoughts I have been getting.

So back to the search for the elusive piece of paper, in frustration I was looking in the most unlikely locations, like on my extensive bookshelves!!! I randomly pulled a plain spine thick folder off the shelf. WOW the front cover reveals it is a complete course for the exact topic to which God has been drawing my attention…… This comprehensive course is owned by my son, and it is on MY bookcase. (I’ll give you more details about this topic a little later).


Me thinks God hid my piece of paper; I found the note, …a few minutes later,… in my 7 mountains folder,… on my desk!!! God Jehovah, God Jirah, God Sneaky.


As more of this journey unfolds, I will share it with you.


Until then

Mountains of Blessings



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