October 2011 Newsletter

October 2011

As promised in my last newsletter, you get to see the front cover of my book before it is released.

The six buildings each represent a mountain and a continent. The family represents the mountain of the Family.

Eiffel Tower = Mountain of Media – continent of Europe
Witwatersrand University = Mountain of Education – continent of Africa
Maringa Cathedral = Mountain of Spirituality – continent South America
Sydney Opera House = Mountain of Celebration – continent Australia
The White House = Mountains of Government – continent North America
Petronas Towers = Mountain of Economy – continent Asia
The book is with the publisher and should be available in January.
Recently Dr Lance Wallnau visited Australia where he spoke at many meetings.  His fresh approach using humour and drawings impacted the people.  It was so interesting to be in the meetings and see the responses.  Some people had never heard of the 7 mountains or the kingdom perspective, and others were obviously Lance fans.  So there was a mixture of fans with an emphatic YES and the newcomers with a slightly confused WHAT?…..
As a Lance fan I have listened to many hours of his teaching and I have heard him personally before, however, this was with a much larger group and the atmosphere was exciting.
I have heard that Lance ‘loved’ Australia, despite all our dangerous wildlife and he is planning to return soon.  When I know more I will post the details to www.The7Mountains.com  and https://www.facebook.com/the7mountains
3 days ago I was in Sydney attending the 2011 Marketplace Leaders Consultation.  This is where men and women God has called into strategic leadership in marketplace ministry in Australia come together to develop relationships and share insights and resources related to what God is doing in the marketplace…  Over half of the attending fly in from other States
I always feel so deeply honoured and humbled to be invited to be a part of this gathering. It was an outstanding day, with a very strong presence of God. There is a growing move of Christians becoming aware of the need for the Kingdom of God to be evidenced in the marketplace.  I value these friendships and their support.


Last night I was interviewed by a businessman in the Netherlands.  He heard about my book from my previous newsletter and tracked me down so that he could interview me and post it on the internet. I will give you more details about the interview in the next newsletter.
I look forward to sharing with you more in the next letter.
Mountains of Blessings
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