Book – Mover of Men and Mountains – RG LeTourneau

When an industrialist invites God into his business, miracles happen.

Despite never having gotten past seventh grade in school and experiencing many failures early on, R.G. LeTourneau rose to eminence in the competitive world of manufacturing and construction. Although his competitors thought him insane, history has proven that his inventive genius was decades ahead of its time.

LeTourneau’s story is one of the weak confounding the mighty and his message is that what he has done, anyone can do with God’s help. He tells his story with a beautiful humility and it reads as if he is sitting in an armchair across from you just reminiscing and sharing his life.

“Some people think I’m all mixed up—that you can’t serve the Lord and business, too, but that’s just the point. God needs businessmen as partners as well as preachers. . . . When you go into partnership with God, you’ve got a Partner closer and more active than any human partner you can ever get. He participates fully in everything you let Him do, and when you start putting on airs, and thinking you’re doing it with your own head of steam, He can set you down quicker and harder than a thunderbolt. There’s nothing dull about being in partnership with God.”

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