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Meeting Dr Lance Wallnau

Bronwyn & Lance

Bronwyn & Lance

In June, Robert ( my husband), Evan (son) and I  were truly blessed to be able to travel to Mexico and attend a conference for 3 days with Dr Lance Wallnau.

This ‘dream trip’ was a dream in so many ways.  The evidence of God’s hand was all over it.  My son Evan and I were booked into a conference in Los Angeles and we decided to fly into the USA a week earlier.  When discussing what we would do in this week, my first words ‘were meet Dr Lance Wallnau and have lunch with him.’  So I rang his office and was told he would be on holidays, out of the country there was no chance.

We then started to organise to meet with some other people.  This activity proved to be very frustrating, every door just seemed closed. So finally we came to the conclusion that God was not in these ideas so we dropped them and said ‘God where ever, who ever, you show us’.  Within 24 hours we received an email from Lance’s office inviting us to the conference at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Evan and Robert

Evan and Robert

God’s hand

  • Dr Lance Wallnau was the very person I wanted to meet.
  • This was the most suitable weekend for us, it fitted perfectly with our travel arrangements.
  • The price was incredulous (US$399 for 5 days, 4 nights all accommodation, all meals and refreshments in a 5 star luxury resort!!!!) (email me for details of how you can do the same).
  • All the travel arrangements, etc just flowed with absolute ease….

Dream Trip Conference


The location and the conference, was beyond my dreams (God does that, gives over and above your expectation). The other people at the conference were so open, sharing, caring, as a group we were/are connected and we know that many contacts were God ordained appointments, creating friendships and joint ventures, for the kingdom.



Riu Puerto Vallarta

Riu Puerto Vallarta

The 7 Mountain Strategy

I have a great desire for Christians to hear the message of the Kingdom of God and His 7 mountain strategy and one of the key teachers on this subject is Dr Lance Wallnau.

God has given me a huge vision for my country Australia and would love for Australians to be able to readily obtain Lance’s teachings.

Robert, Evan and I had a meeting with Lance.

Now, this is God’s hand…… Lance has given us the distribution of all his materials here in Australia.   We will be incorporating a store on this site so you can get his great teachings  posted from Australia.

God always exceeds my dreams

Worshipping with banners

Worshipping with banners on the beach at sunset…

Next Issue

God gives me a challenging project , and you can help……

Conferences Coming Up

Marketplace Leaders Retreat – Gold Coast, 3-5 Sept

Ministry in the Marketplace School 1st & 2nd October in Sydney

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