Cre8 Kingdom Business Summit

Rising above the Storm

CRE8 Kingdom Business Summit
Melbourne 2009

Over 330 people attended the 2009 Cre8 Kingdom Business Summit held in Melbourne on March 13 – 14. The achieved purpose of the conference was to provide encouragement, practical support and relational connectivity to Christian Business Owners, Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Church Leaders. Many of these are facing a turbulent future at a time when the current world economy is in crisis.

The theme of the conference, “Rising Above the Storm” focused on overcoming the impact of the global recession by helping Christian Business people recognise their calling to the Marketplace Ministry and how to impact the marketplace as leaders. This was progressively developed in every session.

The world economy is changing rapidly and the outlook appears challenging for businesses over coming years. Yet God is calling His people to be leaders, entrepreneurs and investors in the business world, and show the way forward by applying His timeless principles in moving from Agreement to Alignment. More than ever, it is time for business leaders to be clear in their calling, and allow God’s Spirit to help them see the world situation through His eyes and “Rise above the Storm”.

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