Connect09 : Marketplace Leaders Consultation

Connect09 : Marketplace Leaders Consultation   – March 12th 2009

This is an annual opportunity for leaders who share a common calling to impact the marketplace for Christ to meet together to make and refresh relationships and learn from each others journeys.

It was held in Melbourne, with  26 people in attendance from across Australia.  The people attending included pastors, business people, ministry groups.  A diverse cross section, bringing a mosaic of experiences and ideas.

The purposes and objectives, were well thought out and the day was well organised. It ran very smoothly, which enabled everyone to benefit.  There was mix of sharing individual insights, listening to selected speakers, with good discussion and interaction, together with time for developing relationships over coffee and lunch.  God has a way of connecting you with the right people for the next step of your journey.

‘To empower people to know their work is a call of Christ and the work and the marketplace can be transformed.”

“Beyond occupation is habitation”                 “Truth is best transferred by relationship”

The discussion about discipleship revealed that most Christians had not been discipled.  Further it was recognised that there is a great need for discipleship, coaching, mentoring, as Christians realise that their work is the assignment that God has given them.

This was organised by Australian Marketplace Connections

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